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There's a driving bass line, a hot percussion fill, and the lead singer is wailing away over a thick layer of sound. Only catch? No instruments.
Jeremy, Rob, Joseph, Mike, Frank
Judd, Benny

We're Similar Jones, a vocal band from Boston. We sing a cappella -- but don't expect barbershop. We can bring a wide variety of great songs to life with just a mic and some heavy breathing. Look around -- or  take a listen. Bet you'll like what you hear.

Hits since May 2000:

Sound clips! Sound clips now available from two songs off our upcoming album, including the title track So It Seems. The What We Sing page has those along with tracks from our new demo CD.

Bring on the bass
With Judd having moved to Africa, Similar Jones is now in the market for a new bass. Think you've got what it takes? Read on.

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