Similar Jones is now looking for a booming bass. You gotta have funk-soul, brother. Power, accuracy, and a laid-back groove would make you our perfect bass. Bring sight-reading abilities (or excellent memorization skills) and an energetic stage presence; an interest in original songwriting is a big plus. Although we all come from strong college a cappella and musical backgrounds, no formal experience or training is required. You can keep your full-time job, but we require some flexibility: although most of our gigs are on nights and weekends, we occasionally have weekday gigs.

Our goals/where we stand:  Our goal is, simply, to be full-time musicians.  Over the past year, we've really cranked up our gig frequency and exposure (see our gigs page for a review of what we've done lately).  We've got one CD in production and we're focusing on originals for the near future: we've got a handful of original tunes right now, and several guys working on writing more, so the Similar Jones sound continues to evolve. We're focused on "the dream" of making it as a band -- and dedicated to having a ton of fun on the way.

If you're interested in finding out more about auditioning for Similar Jones, contact Mike at 508-785-2723 or