Shawn Madden

tenor, human beatbox

So, we're sad to say it but Shawn has left Similar Jones. He's gone back to being a full-time student. Thanks for the fire, Shawn.
 - SJ

Organically grown in California, Shawn moved to Boston in Fall 1998 to attend Berklee College of Music, where he will graduate in May 2001. While this is his first jaunt into the world of a cappella, he has been singing, playing guitar, drums, and piano since the age of nine, and has recently begun developing his skills as a songwriter.

At 27, he is happy to be pursuing music as his life's work. He is also very interested in film and would someday like to write and direct his own.

He also has a more interesting side that would be inappropriate to post here for the whole world to read (he's saving it for the autobiography, of course), but will definitely consider questions, requests, and propositions of a more... personal nature on a case-by-case basis. Don't be shy.