Joseph Mendoza Salonga

tenor, alto, soprano, gone

ios is our other departing member. He gave us the high tenor bits, as well as our fashion sense -- and it's a hard call to say which we'll miss more. We'll miss you babeh. - SJ

color: forest green
season: fall
athlete: Eric Sullivan (USAV Libero of the Year)
unit of currency: the Kroener
song: "Endless Love" (both versions)
ad campaign: Ambercrombie & Fitch wrestling
literary device: chiasmus
Born 22 years ago in Oak Harbor, Washington, Joseph has lived all over the Pacific Rim: the Philippines, Hawaii, San Diego, Tacoma, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Perris (California).  In 1995, Joseph left the life of a Navy brat to pursue an education at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He's still pursuing it to this day.  

Though Joseph has had no formal voice training, he's logged countless hours singing with the likes of Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey on his car radio. Showers are also no stranger to his voice.  Armed with dreams of becoming a world-class opera singer or Madonna's backup dancer, Joseph joined the Harvard  Glee Club and the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones.
In his non-existent spare time, Joseph (nicknamed ios for the Pacific Islander form of his name, iosefo) teaches ballroom dance, is an aspiring (out of work) actor, answers phones at a local hospital, and enjoys talking about himself in the third person.  Current athletic pursuits include volleyball (5-1 setter, provisional referee), ice skating (double salchow), and tennis (elbow).

illis quorum meruere labores